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True-E Marketing provides top Calgary web design service with more than 15 years of experience in top commercial website development.

Our team brings together industry elites from NASDAQ Internet-listed companies in the United States. 

The biggest feature of our Calgary web design service is: We obtain natural traffic even without advertising!

We are one of the few digital marketing companies that not only provide professional services, but also provide free online marketing training courses. We have about 10,000 students all over the world. Our students come from Canada, the United States, China, Australia, and Europe.

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We increase organic rankings, optimize lead generation and maximize conversion through effective and authentic SEO, paid advertising, content marketing, and more.

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True-E Marketing is featured as Top Real Estate Website Design Companies and Law Firm Web Design Companies by the ©DesignRush.

What is Web Design?

Website Design is also known as website design and the purpose of this is to create beautiful, custom made websites with unique UI and aesthetics to attract more customers. Every time a customer enters your site, you want them to feel that this is a beautiful website and that this business is trustworthy. Essentially, website design is used to decorate your business store.

True-E have rich web design service experience in first-tier Internet companies such as Facebook and Google, and they are good at bringing more accurate customers to your website through excellent user experience.

The Top 5 Facts and Concepts of Why Website Design is needed include:

Video Tip For Web Design

Check out the video about Professional Web Design Tips

Your website is the first impression of your business. To get your customers to convert into business, you need to create the impression that you are a trustworthy business.

Especially in 2021, e-commerce businesses and online websites are bursting with popularity. With our Calgary web design service, you can get a perfect website with the 5 concepts listed above. You will be set with launching a perfect website that will get tons of views and traffic.

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True-E’ s Calgary Web Design Formula
To make an appointment for a 20-minute free online consultation on zoom with our Calgary web design service team, register on our website to contact our assistants. You need to send us the link of your benchmark website design, your company logo, and your competitor's website in advance so that the Calgary web design service team can have a basic understanding of your needs.
Our Calgary web design service team will first analyze your website, industry and its competitors, and formulate strategies based on the analysis results.
Our Calgary web design service team will estimate the time and cost of reaching the target based on the results of the research and send you a detailed contract for execution together with a quote within a week.
Usually, site construction takes 1-2 months. The Calgary web design service team will communicate with customers every week and send progress reports. Our Calgary web design service team checks all relevant indicators and data, and continues to improve based on them, and ensure that you get a functional-oriented, beautifully designed, and built-in SEO website. The website the Calgary web design service team makes is born with its organic traffic!

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Our Calgary Web Design Plans


A unique masterpiece that belongs only to you
Start from $11,888
  • Includes All STANDARD Services
  • Customized Pages: 11 Pages and Above
  • 2 Month Branding SEO Optimization
  • Custom Icons: Up to 6
  • Set up 3 Social Media Platforms
  • 6 Hour Website Management Tutorial


Perfect for Ecommerce website
Start from $7,999
  • Includes All ESSENTIAL Services
  • Customized Pages: 6-10 Pages
  • Set up 2 Social Media Platforms
  • 1 Month Branding SEO Optimization
  • 1 Month Ads Management
  • 4 Hour Website Management Tutorial


Ideal for B2B marketing
Start from $4,999
  • Customized Pages: 3-5 Pages
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Search Engine Visibility
  • Full Design Mockups
  • Google Analytics
  • 2 Hour Website Management Tutorial

FAQs | Calgary Web Design

Why Web Design is Needed

Have you ever been downtown and wondered about the shopping districts and malls? Well, what is the first thing you see? The signs of the brand, the decorations and design of the stores, correct? Well, building a website and having a good website designs are the exact reason why these stores decorate their stores to attract customers and our professional services can get these results. In 2021, technology has been rapidly expanding and so have meta designs and preferences. Old style websites are quickly being pushed out for the lack of aesthetics and the newer, sleeker and modern websites are quickly becoming more and more popular. With True-E’s web design team, you will be able to compete on even grounds with the big e-commerce companies.

Calgary web design services 0.2
Calgary web design services 0.3

How to Know if My Website has Good Web Design?

True-E’s Calgary web design services can break down what is good design into 4 categories.

The 4 categories are:

1. User Centered

2. Discoverability

3. Aesthetics

4. Modernism

If all 3 categories are met, that means that your website is beautiful, attracts customers on all kinds of technology, and is easy to use.

Read more about Good Web Design HERE.

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Why Do I need a Mobile Adaptation of my Website?​

We are in the age of technology and mobile technology is becoming more and more common. Since we live in a mobile technology environment where about nearly 3 quarters of the world will only use smartphones to access the internet by 2025, our Calgary web design service team also can provide mobile versions of the website. This will allow users with smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices to access your website and have no problems with the interface. Mobile responsive website design is a mandatory feature that your business NEEDS before you get taken out by competitors.

Read more about Mobile Adaptations HERE.

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Learning About Calgary Web Design Services

5 Things To Know Before Making a Web Design Company

These 5 things will do wonders for you before you launch your web design business.

The number one reason why people don’t choose your service is to ask yourself if I brought 1 million people to your website tomorrow, what would their reaction be? By creating a professional website you can drastically increase the number of clients and also get more referrals.

Read more about 5 Things To Know Before Making a Web Design Company

Calgary Web Design Service 6.2.1
calgary web design 1.1


So what is this, what are we going to learn here? So web design is actually a combination of two different skill sets or industries. One of them is graphic design and it tells you how to use design, shapes, text, and images to convey a message and the other one is how people interact on the web, what user experience is and how do you develop your graphic ideas into making them work in the browser. So all these things are things that we’re going to cover on this course. You can expect to learn the fundamentals of graphic design, whether it is things like typography, the use of color, the use of layouts, and the use of images and other graphical elements.

Read more about the Free Web Design Course for 2022 | pt1 


Understanding how to build websites is a very, very valuable skill that you can make money off. You can do this remotely so you can work with clients all around the world because we’re working on the web. We’re using a laptop or a computer to build things that are online and so meeting with your clients in person doesn’t really matter. You don’t have to print something and give it to your client. You can do the work remotely and even if you’re not going to end up doing client work, it’s still a huge benefit. If you’re going to have your own side project or business yourself, just being able to take your ideas and put them on the web and build your own things on the web is very good. 

Read more about the Free Web Design Course for 2022 | pt1 

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Web Design Blogs

We have 3 types of plans:

The Essential Plan is the plan of the lowest cost, but don’t underestimate what you are receiving!
The Standard Plan includes everything in the Essential Plan and has more!
The Professional Plan includes everything the Standard Plan has and more!

Web design isn’t just designing. It is much more than that. 

Web design in 2021 and nearing 2022 is worlds apart from the old web designing style.

Web design is not dying. It is being reformed. From the job being simple designs in the past to complicated concepts and coding in the present and future, the jobs for web designers will not die.

I want to start by sharing my own story and then takeaways that can be applicable to where you are right now on your design journey. For me, I got into design back when I was in high school. It was over 20 years ago with an illegal version of photoshop.

Later on, I thought that I was happy doing this and that I’m excited about doing this. I was quite good at it as well so I thought that I had lots of potential. I thought that designing was actually quite interesting.

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I actually reached six figures using design. When I got to six figures,  realized that I actually had other issues like more business stuff that I needed to work on. At that point, I wanted to grow further into the seven figures.

Looking back into where you are right now and what you should do, I think that you should look at this kind of a breakdown of what’s happening. If you’re still not making money, it makes sense to start with the free stuff. 

Continue Reading: Steps to Learn Design pt2

The Stampede City---Calgary

Calgary, also known as the Stampede City and Cowtown, is the home of the Calgary Stampede which is also the largest rodeo in the world but don’t be caught up in this! This city is actually one of the most livable cities in the world and ranked 4th place in the most livable city in the world in 2018. The city’s finances are used very wisely, from investing in better living conditions to better City services and programs, they have the people in mind when using tax dollars.  

What Calgary is Known For

As Canada’s sunniest city at around 333 average sunshine days per year, it is the most beautiful place that you will ever set your eyes upon. This will create great moods and positive vibes. This city is also very clean and known as the cleanest city in the world.

Calgary's Industrial Diversity

Calgary is a city of great opportunities, especially for new businesses. More than $18.35 billion dollars has been invested into all sectors which creates perfect opportunities to start businesses in Calgary. The industry mainly focuses on energy, financial services,  film and television, transportation and logistics, technology, manufacturing, aerospace, health and wellness, retail, and tourism sectors.

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