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Hi everyone. The question we have today is “how much does a PPC audit cost?” I will be able to respond to these questions because I am an employee of True-E marketing that specializes in PPC. True-E is a PPC Agency in Toronto and without further introductions, let’s begin! If you want free video tutorials and lessons, you should check out our YouTube Channel!

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What is PPC?

For those that don’t know what PPC is, here is a brief summary.

PPC stands for pay per click. It is used to buy traffic into your website. PPC agencies in Toronto will use PPC to get their clients the most amount of traffic while using the least amount of money. Professional PPC experts will also optimize campaigns and make sure that there is a high conversion rate. If you want to read more about what PPC and CPC is, you can click on this article.

Why do you need a PPC Audit?

Since businesses are different in terms of what industry they are in, the pricing will vary. For big industries with lot of competition, the pricing will be more expensive to get a certain amount of traffic. Smaller industries will be cheaper as there isn’t that much competition. PPC audits happens when the Toronto PPC agency and the business give each other information and determine the final cost. This will give you a decent idea of how much it is going to cost for your goals. The PPC audits will give different prices for different agencies so make sure you do your research! If you want to learn about what a PPC Agency is, you can click here.

How much does PPC Audits Cost? | PPC Agency Toronto

PPC audits in True-E Digital Marketing is absolutely free. There are many companies that charge a small fee to have a meeting with one of their representatives. If you want your free PPC audit right now, go onto our PPC Agency Toronto Information Page.

Why do you need a Toronto PPC Agency?

The reason why you want to hire a professional agency for your PPC campaigns is that professionals will always be better than the average Joe. Yes, you can just go on Google Ads and create your campaigns, set up your prices, and so on. The problem is that you may not see any conversions for your campaign and would just be throwing away money. Professional PPC experts will optimize your campaigns, understand which keywords to use, and more. Our PPC experts will make sure that you get the most amount of conversions and value for your buck.

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