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Welcome to the 3rd example, taught by the professional Markham SEO Company, for the on-page SEO. If you didn’t read the previous articles and examples, you can access them below:

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Now that that is out of the way, let’s begin.

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Google loves to put the best and most relevant results in the top ranking pages. These search engines love to and is designed to satisfy the searcher’s query. So why do these search engines, like Google, want to give the most relevant results? These top ranking websites must be doing something that the search engine algorithm loves. Let’s go over the 3rd example to see why top ranking sites are actually in the top ranking spots. If you want free video lessons on SEO, visit our YouTube Channel!

Example #3 | SEO Company Markham Explains

Let’s go over some other topics related to golf sets. Let’s search “best value golf club” and see what it gives us.

First impressions

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This is the first organic search result we get as there are advertisements for this keyword. If you want the best PPC services and SEO services, visit our website to see our services.

Let’s see. This website is using “Best Golf Clubs” as their main keyword. It is not exactly the same as what we searched but it is a related key phrase. Remember that Google’s algorithm is so advanced that they can detect synonyms and related keywords and then bring out the best matching result for the rank #1 spot. In the title, they also added the keyword “2021”. This keyword is very important as searchers want to look at the most recent articles and Google knows it. So if you are looking to write blogs, make sure to add a year so it shows that it is “up-to-date”. Looking at the meta description, it just repeats the title again in the description, which does work for SEO purposes. Again, they also added a question for the keywords “good”, “value”, and “club”. Google bolded the text to show that it is relevant to the searcher’s query. If you want the rank #1 SEO services to do your SEO, click on the bolded text to get your free audit!

Diving into the Website | SEO Company Markham Evaluates

When diving into the website, you should notice a table of contents. Google likes websites with internal links and external links, which this blog has of both. The internal links are to jump to the sections of the article and the external links are the ones that go to the shop or ecommerce store. They have a ton of different selections and the keywords used in this article is targeting many of them at once.

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